Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Major Style Crush: Kate Hudson

She's part boho, part polished mama and always glamorous.

When I say she's my 'style' crush, I mean her 'style' in every regard. Her approach to motherhood, her free spirit and her super easy going chic-ness.

Looking very cute but comfortable enough to run after a toddler in:

This care-free mama doesn't worry that her son is probably "too old for a pacifier":

Unlike many other celebs, she's comfortable in simple leggings, a tee and plain flip flops with NO makeup:
Love the pairing of this dress with 5" heels, while prego:
 Isn't her hair gorg?

Here she is again, un-afraid to throw on her big girl shoes and chase after her son:

The boots, sweater and fringe bag.... yes please!

The dolled up version of her is pretty fab too, and how amazing is this dress???

Once upon a time, a young version of myself worked at a fancy hotel and happened to meet my style crush, Ms. Hudson herself! And I can tell you she was even prettier in person. Her seemingly carefree self was just as I imagined! She's a showstopper, and it would be appropriate to say that it was a fun day at work!


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